Posted on: January 26, 2009 3:48 am

For Those Who Care...non-NA$CARE news...

Let's talk racing for a bit: not the semi-scripted, rules changing on a whim (actually can a rule change if what the rule is has never really been established?), shadow of its former self league that dominates this site..NA$CARE...but the others...

Well, it looks like the off-season drama at STR might finally be over. The teams website is showing Buemi and Bourdais as its drivers heading into next season. Good news for SeaBass...and the right news. He really didn't deserve to be put through basically another tryout in the off-season. Plus with some of the F1 rule changes that will be applied this season, the vehicles will probably handle very similar to the old ChampCars. Of course this isn't the best of news for the devil himself, Tony George. SeaBass in the ICS would have been an amazing addition (Rumors had Bourdais joining NHL). With the uncertain future of Helio Castronieves, ICS could have used the additional star power. 

Great news recently to hear that USAR ProCup series will run in 2009. After Hooters announced it was ending its sponsorship at the end of last season, things were looking pretty bleak. New ownership announced on the 16th of January that the 2009 season will get the green flag. Anyone who says that they are a fan of stock car racing....not just a companies ability to market itself...should support this series. Great short track racing at some of the best facilities demonstrating the real roots of this sport.

So what was your favorite moment of Green Prix USA?

Does anyone here have a spare $200,000 I can have? If so I think I would use it to join the Monticello Motor Club. If you aren't aware of what I am talking about, here is their website. http://www.monticellomotorclub.com/
    I can't imagine how amazing it would be to actually have a membership here. "Lets see, should I take a few laps in the F1 car today? Or maybe the Ferrari?" For those who say money can't buy happiness..I say that I could have a pretty big grin after my visits to the track.

Speaking of money, I'll admit that when the Barrett-Jackson auction is on TV, I'm like the moth to light. I just settle in and watch those incredible vehicles go by the Auctioneer. One suggestion though, when they have the fantasy/ play along game, first place should be a trip to Chandler, Arizona to see Ron Prattes car collection. Every year we witness him purchasing the best of the best for his private collection, and it is private. So an opportunity to see it in its entirety would be the car freaks answer to winning the golden ticket to Willy Wonkas factory. Just a suggestion. (So for the NA$CARE fans out there...did you feel that Rick Hendrick bid wisely on the vehicles he purchased?)

Has anyone on CBS ever mentioned the A1GP series? I thought that maybe it would get at least one or two mentions with the addition of Marco Andretti as the team USA driver. (and he has had a bit of success..been on the podium) Plus there was the bit of controversy over the "princess" (D.P.) wanting the pay premium to do it. Maybe Andretti/Green was just trying to get her a little more seat time so she wouldn't be such an embarassment on road courses?

Its only two weeks until the World of Outlaws gets going again...down at Volusia for the ALLTEL DIRTcar Nationals. It sure would be great if the King could pull out one more championship..Or at least a Knoxville title.

I think I have perfected the "Larry King" style of writing. For those of you who don't remember his columns in USA Today, he used to just shift in mid-thought it seemed at times. He would be writing about Charles Manson, or something, and then the next line would be trivial, (example) "There is nothing as good as a fresh Mallo Cup" 


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